Project: Vi Son Trinh
Role: Graphic Design, Branding, T-shirt+Apparel design
Project Date: 2018
Description: A T-shirt design concept for the client’s passion project, “The Stories We Carry”. The project documents the lives of immigrants that sought refuge in a different country. The design will be used in the upcoming future to raise funds for a local organization seeking aid for refugees.
I began the processes by interviewing my client and listening to personal anecdotes of them seeking refuge in United States from Vietnam via boat. From there, the client requested the design to be minimal, illustrate a story of refuge, and to incorporate "strength in numbers".

Key terms: narrative, strength, togetherness 
Mood board using the key terms: narrative, strength, and togetherness 

Design exploration of graphic for the back of T-shirt

Final Design 
I incorporated what was asked for the design. Initially, I thought of  "togetherness" as the focal point of the design, illustrating two hands interwoven. But in my final draft, I decided the main design would be the overall story of refuge by boat. The teardrop shape represents not only sadness, but the strength refugees possess. 

Final Graphic for the back of T-shirt 


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