Creative Client:  Vi Son Trinh (2018)
Role: Graphic Design, Branding, T-shirt+Apparel design
Description: A T-shirt design concept for the client’s passion project, “The Stories We Carry”. The project documents the lives of immigrants that sought refuge in a different country. The design will be used in the upcoming future to raise funds for a local organization seeking aid for refugees.
Process: interviewing my client and listening to personal anecdotes of them seeking refuge in United States from Vietnam via boat. From there, the client requested the design to be minimal, illustrate a story of refuge, and to incorporate "strength in numbers".
Key terms: narrative, strength, togetherness 
Final:  Initially, I thought of  "togetherness" as the focal point of the design, illustrating two hands interwoven. But in my final draft, I decided the main design would be the overall story of refuge by boat. The teardrop shape represents not only sadness, but the strength refugees possess.


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