Oh hello,
I'm Adrienne Trio, a graphic designer focusing on digital media, illustration and brand identity.
I am wildly interested in the ability to tell a story. My path in design came from my many years of working in the food service industry. Learning about people — from their successes and ailments, to their day-to-days — while providing a basic necessity (food) and service, made me wonder how else I could honor their stories. Being trained to serve customers gave me both the insight and the curiosity needed to design for the human behavior.  
When not working, you can find me searching up Japanese Mascots, learning languages (Tagalog, Mandarin), baking, working out, doodling, editing photos, or going on very long walks.
My favorite mascots (from left to right): Chiba Lotte Marines' Mysterious Fish, Daikonchama, and Chosei Tonyu-kun